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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Doing something awesome!

Max had to regroup when his plans for the summer didn't materialize and checked in with me to see what I thought.  Hoping for a summer job to make lots of money, but that often doesn't turn out, I suggested Max do something awesome and not worry about making lots of money.  He manages pretty well with grants and on campus employment to pay his way at this point, and, after all, he may never be in a position to just choose what he will do for an entire summer ever again, why not make it something awesome???  What about the Peace Corp?  What about a cross country bike trip???  AH-HAH!!!!  That struck a chord with him and thus we have Tri-Lime Express.  The bike is a recumbent tricycle - a GREEN recumbent tricycle - and it won't be ALL the way across the country but it will be an AWESOME adventure!

Max is pretty pro-active when he knows what he wants.  He bought the trike after one trip to the store in Payson and then sold his car, and has got his airline ticket back east and most of his gear.  He has his maps and his route plotted out.

But Max - what about training????  Are you training for this????

I like writing.  Max doesn't.  I will ask questions to make it simple to get a story going.

Excited Mother

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