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Monday, July 19, 2010

Access to some subscription material available

I have a skeleton site up http://latter-dayvillage.com with some limited material for our current subscribers.  The membership program isn't running so old usernames and passwords don't work.  You have to contact me to verify your current subscription then I will give you  temporary access.  This is just TEMPORARY!  It is no fun for you or for me, but it is better than nothing.  Old bookmarks will not work because they probably point to pages that are no longer extant.

It has actually been pretty sweet hearing from so many subscribers!  I have never talked to so many subscribers on the phone before, and it is so lovely to hear your comments about the site.  Everyone was wondering what was going on - and I am so sorry I was unable to send out an informative message to all subscribers because that is a function of the membership program and it is part of the old site and when we had to take it down because visitors were being diverted to some other website, there was no way to contact you - at least no easy way.  I could hand copy and paste 20,000 email addresses from a spreadsheet into a gmail message - not gonna even go there.

I have to nab my programmer to get the next phase of the rebuild going, so this temporary situation is NOT way more than temporary.

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